A Physicist Considers How We Got Here

A Book by Michael Mallary

Ever stop to consider how unlikely it is you're here, now, doing what you are doing? Our Improbable Universe will show you how "ordinary existence" is really extraordinary. From the most practical point of view, we really are "star children": the iron in the blood of our veins originated in a stellar explosion billions of years ago. How likely is it that all the myriad conditions for life would come together so precisely? Without positing or denying the existence of a Creator behind it all, the answer to that question is humbling and fascinating. Along the way Dr. Michael Mallary summarizes the latest findings in cosmology - including string theory, high energy physics, and relativity.

Dr. Mallary received his S.B. degree in physics from M.I.T in 1966 and his PhD degree in Experimental High Energy Physics from the California Institute of Technology in 1972. As an Assistant Professor in the physics department of Northeastern University he worked on an experiment at Fermi Laboratory that produced early evidence for the fifth quark in 1977.

Since 1980, Dr Mallary has worked on the design and modeling of heads and media for advanced magnetic disk drive recording. He has 46 publications and holds 53 patents.

Our Improbable Universe is published by Thunder's Mouth Press, an imprint of Avalon Publishing Group, ISBN 1-56858-301-X . Available from Barnes and Noble, Borders, and Amazon.com.